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HOLLY ADAMS – one of LA’s favorite House DJs, is one of the most recognizable voices in Electronic Dance Music since the beginning of the West Coast Rave Scene in the early 90s. Holly was part of the original on-air lineup of MARS-FM, Groove Radio 103.1 and Holly can be heard as a Local […]

It started in 1990 when Dan went out to his first underground. He immediately was drawn in by this music. He began collecting records and purchased turntables in 1993. In 1996 Dan along with Richard Sihilling (Dimension 23) and Ruben Hernandez (Bleu), two pioneers of the first wave of rave promoters and live artists in […]

Los Angeles native Aaron Carrillo was bred in the underground house and hip hop culture. His earliest memories of Hip Hop and House music are from childhood, when his brother introduced him to the sounds of Kurtis Blow and Little Louie Vega, giving him a taste of the brewing underground hip hop and house cultures. […]

DJ JAIME NARVAEZ FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 All about Underground House & Techno. Jaime Narvaez, a Juarez, Mx. & El Paso, Tx. native, is a very established DJ and producer, and one of the very few DJs in recent years that has stood out and caught the ear of some of Los Angeles, San Francisco, […]

AJ MORA is a legendary pioneer of the Electronic Dance Music community. He is a prolific internationally renowned Remixer, DJ and Producer. He is considered one of L.A.’s most influential leaders in the industry. A true experienced original. With countless career releases and remixes to his name he is a veteran professional with no end […]

From House to Progressive, and everything in between, a sense of control is paramount to a tight track – it contains a sound that is balanced, and arranged with a high attention to detail; it allows the producer to maximize the effect of subtle creative decisions that essentially defines their unique sound. For Californian producer/DJ, […]

West coast legendary DJ, considered by most as one of the driving forces responsible for the start of the Los Angeles electronic music scene and an integral part in the development of the West Coast house scene as a whole. For the last 25 years Steve has traveled the globe playing along side many of […]

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