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  • Custom advertising campaigns

  • Never more than ONE AD at-a-time

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LIVE SHOW Sponsorships

  • Holly’s House (Saturdays 6P – 10P)

  • Revival Tuesdays (Tuesdays 8P -2A)

  • Therapy Sundays (Sunday Monthly 6P – 12A)

LIVE Broadcasts

  • Broadcast YOUR party/club/event/festival LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD with reliable High-Speed internet in FULL HD Audio

  • Video options available

  • Market exclusivity available

FEATURE Sponsorships

  • Top Of Hour (*24x/day)

  • New Music (*48x/day)

  • Time Machine (Classic Track) (*48x/day)

  • The DAMN (Dance and Music News) Report (*48x/day total)

*Suspended during live broadcasts

MIXSHOW Sponsorships

  • Terence Toy Tuesday + Thursday (Tue and Thu 4:20P – 9P)
  • Bang The Drum Sessions with Steve Loria (Fridays 12P – 1P)
  • Lab Sessions (Fridays 1P  – 2P)
  • The House of Anahata Love (Fridays 2P  – 4P)
  • Hollywood After-Hours with Jamie Narvaez (Fridays 9P – 11P)

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